• To what extent do the young people know themselves? How aware are they of the different dynamics in life?
  • To what extent do they take responsibility for their own future? To what extent are their plans realistic?
  • Are they ready for the career planning process? Do they know what they need to do in order to be prepared?
  • Do they know what their interests, aptitudes, values, and decision making dynamics are? 
  • Are they fully equipped to manage the career planning process?
  • How likely are they to be fulfilled, happy, and successful in the career areas that they choose?
  • We have thought carefully about these questions and we developed CAPS with the belief that young people do not have a fixed personality trapped in their body; they have the power and ability to design themselves and their future..

A scientific, holistic, and systematic approach to Career Assessment and Planning Process for your children...

What is CAPS?

  • It is a system which supports high school students in having a clearer mind and conscience as they are deciding their future career and occupational choice. 
  • It is a system that realistically highlights the critical aspects to consider when planning for a career or making a career decision. 
  • It enhances cognitive and emotional awareness amongst young individuals and their families. 
  • It is not a TEST providing a single option. Rather, a scientific and holistic system thoroughly examining the details and showing the big picture. 
  • The system is carried out online. 
  • Reports of each module are discussed and evaluated face to face or via online meetings (e.g. Skype, Facetime) by 'authorised executors'. 

  •          It is a process oriented system rather than a result oriented system.
  •         It considers career decisions as part of, and related to, many other life dynamics.
  •          It does not guide young people to a single profession, rather it provides large range of alternatives.
  •          It provides detailed information about undergraduate programmes, professions and their requirements.
  •          It avoids definite labels such as RIGHT, WRONG, GOOD, and BAD.
  •         The system does not make judgements about young people and assign them personality types.
  •         The application time varies between 4 to 8 weeks.
  •          It prevents the waste of time and money.
  •      It has developed simultaneously in the UK and Turkey.

Why Caps?

Most education systems do not sufficiently guide students to become aware of their potential, explore their goals and choose suitable career areas.
Sufficient time and effort are rarely spent on the process of choosing this profession in which they will approximately spend 80.000 hours throughout their lives. The result is a waste of financial and emotional resources: individuals may end up changing subjects at university, abandoning higher education, and face many other, long-term disruptions.

For these reasons, as the CAPS Team:

We want to support the young people in becoming happy and successful individuals while preventing the needless waste of their time, effort, and money by offering tailored career advice and life guidance. We also aim at guiding the them in the process of managing their lives in a 'mindful' manner.

  • CAPS is applied through 'Certified CAPS Centres' '. 
  • 'Career Planning Consultancy' includes 5 meetings with clinical psychologists, pedagogues and psychological counselling & guiding experts. The duration of each meeting is 50 minutes.
  • Total application time is 4 to 8 weeks.
Application Process:

Meeting 1: With the student and parents.

Meeting 2: With the student. 

As We Begin and Mental Preparation modules are completed.

Meeting 3: With the student and parents.

Who Has Control and Decision Making Dynamics modules are completed by the student.

Meeting 4: With the student and parents.

TurQuest-Career and Profession Report and Cambridge Profile Aptitude Test are completed by the student. 

Meeting 5: With the student and parents.

Meeting 6: With the student.

Meeting 7:  Follow-up meeting with the student and parents approximately one month after the 6th meeting.
Please contact us for detailed information about the application process.
The main aim of reports in the CAPS is to highlight the crucial concepts and constructs in career planning which may be overlooked if they are not considered systematically. All reports are evaluated in face-to-face interviews with the students and their parents. The goal is to increase the active participation of the students and their parents in the career planning process. Boxing or labelling the students' is avoided so as to encourage discussion about their results. 

Our Trainings

Information regarding the "Career Workshop" on 2019 will be uploaded soon.

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